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Friday, July 20, 2012

Ministry of WCD invited Comments on The Draft National Policy for Children, 2012

Ministry of Women and Child Development

The Draft National Policy for Children, 2012

Inviting Comments from General Public

The National Policy for Children (NPC), 1974 was adopted by the Government of India on 22nd August, 1974. This Policy describes children as  a  supremely important asset and makes the State responsible to provide basic services to children, both before and after birth, and also during their growing years and different stages of development. 

With the advent of globalization and development, new challenges have emerged, which impact children’s lives, health, security and development. The recognition of the child as a person with inherent and inalienable rights, which are interrelated and interdependent, made it necessary to update and expand the 1974 Policy with focus on child rights. The framing of a revised Policy, which reaffirms the Government’s commitment to its children,  addresses continuing and new challenges,  and aims torealize the full range of child rights for all children in the country, was therefore taken up by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD).

The  Draft Policy is being placed on the website for comments of the general public. 

 Comments may be sent by email or by post to Dr. Vivek Joshi, Joint Secretary, CW-IOr 
Ms. Anju Bhalla, Director, CW-I with the subject line “Comments on NPC, 2012” by 5thAugust, 2012. The email addresses and the postal addresses are as under:

Postal Address
Dr. Vivek Joshi
Joint Secretary (CW-I),
Ministry of Women and Child Development
Room No. 607, ‘A’ Wing
Shastri Bhawan
New Delhi-110001


Dr. Vivek Joshi –
Ms Anju Bhalla – anju_bhalla@nic.in2

Draft National Policy for Children, 2012 can be download from the link given below 

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